People we Meet

Do you ever wonder why you meet with specific people or why you met those people you met with? Why they have the same kind of attitude or same patterns of behaviour to you? Why they make you feel the same way, but they are the all different person? Maybe my personal answer to these questions could be, just like anything in the whole universe, there is a reason. When it comes to interactions, encounters, there are certain aspects based on the like-attract-like law, karmic, life lessons and I think most importantly you have asked/called for that person because you are trying to learn something. For instance, when we ask for help through prayers, they are all answered. If you read my old posts, I mentioned that the universe does not understand negative or positive/ wrong or good because there’s no such thing like that as regarding duality one against the other. Instead, it replies and response what we asked for indirectly (by thinking unconsciously, or believing) or directly (likewise thinking, believing, attracting, feelings, praying, begging). The second thing I have highlighted in my previous posts that we are all unique and have our different timing regarding the creation of our own reality.

In this post, I intend to share what I have learned, experienced and believe why and how we meet/encounter with people. First of all, we are all here for specific as well as unique reasons. What I mean by this is you can figure out I believe. We teach others to move on/progress and to become better, with our unique ways and timing. It is essential to pay attention to your friends, family, people with you interact generally. They all have a reason for existing in your life and by this I mean there is a deep understanding of these reasons. Mainly they mirror and reflect who you really are, weak and dark parts of you, what you need to let go and confront with yourself to become a better version of you. For the case, if you have selfish friends (let’s say you think that way), then it is evident that you are as ‘greedy’ as they are.

As a spiritual person when I asked (to the universe and my higher being) to get to know real me and to become a better version of me, I started to meet with the specific type of people. Before I move to the example, I just want to highlight here what I try to mean by the term ‘better version of’ is actually progressing and improving by turning within, accepting and letting go. It is not intended to use it as judgment to criticise oneself but to highlight the process of improving because we are better as we are right ‘now’ and we are continually changing.

At first, out of nowhere, I met this person that who had believed he was not good enough but he wasn’t directly saying that it was his attitude that made it possible to pick. Well, deep down we all have self-struggles about our own values. Then I met with a person who criticised almost everything she encountered and interacted with. I could see that I was doing it too in a similar way and I had to let go of that naturally. Likewise, I met another person who was very happy, but then internally he did not believe in love and therefore people. In short, it was hard for me at that stage to face with my inner, darker parts that I was not really aware of. There is a delicate line here when comes to self-evaluation about accepting true you or overvaluing.

Let me share you an excellent video about how we sometimes overthink about oneself and misunderstand who we really are. This video may not be related to this topic, but it is related to how you can face and actually start to know yourself. If you are ready to embrace, accept and love who you are, yourself, then this video about “Why incompetent people think they’re amazing – David Dunning”  can be one of many tools that can help you to turn within. I know the name of the video made you think like ‘what?’ but really it is a concise educational video so please let us leave aside our ego and its prejudice and watch it 🙂

For the video by TedEd:

As mentioned before, this article is focused on some reasons behind how and why we encounter with the people in our life rather than confronting with yourself. I just wanted to give a sense of understanding because people we meet and encounter are instruments of the universe just like you are. Therefore, on this journey within, people you meet has a significant role, as I said, please pay attention who you encounter with people around you. Each and every one of them is an answer to your questions and mirror to yourself.

My advice, please ask yourself why you have (name the person) in your life? Then give your self some time and intend to understand the reasons. Write them down it is beneficial to keep notebook/diary about your thoughts. You can do this with anyone or any behaviour. For instance, you can ask ‘why I meet with people who ignore me at one point or try to use me’. Especially when it comes to family, you have a lot to learn because they are mirroring your weakness and darkest parts of the real self so please pay attention. I believe we chose our family and there are karmic reasons behind this such as either you teaching your family something or they are equipped with what we really need. I can’t go in deep with this because of it is broad subject to digest. Many may find it non-sense too. There are reasons behind all of these, and when you intend to turn within and let go, you will begin to see all of these with your own particular time.

When you have positive intention to see who you are without any masks or identities (Stigmas, labels, and so on so forth; they are all toys of ego)  and accept to embrace yourself, everything and every people will become more real all of a sudden. And you will begin to pay attention to their behaviours around you. When the mission completes, and lessons are learnt, there is one direction in the whole universe, and that is to go forward. Your circle of people will change eventually. Friends, places, work and so on forth will change; remember I told you that we all change, everything changes. However, many of us scared of this idea and the fact of progressing in life. If you ask what progress is, many would answer promotion at work or be married or likewise. But embracing yourself and improving yourself and therefore becoming honest with yourself is a daily and lifelong process of progress.

I think people around us are critical because they mirror our true self so we must pay attention to learn. I am thankful for each person that I met. Doesn’t matter if it was for few minutes or several years. In the end, we helped each other, and I am grateful for that. Maybe at this stage, you will think about mostly bad aspects such as betrayals, cheats or lies. If you are ready, please give yourself some time, and you will see the real reason behind each encounter in your life. I usually say that those who hurt us actually the ones that are loved us the most. That person stole from you, bullied you or cheated on you… Doesn’t matter because they were trying to teach you to share; not to have enormous pride, or you weren’t ready.

Please remember that each occasion is unique and very special so you will have your own understanding of the events in your own life. Please do not let general stigmas to block your personal perception or distract you from that. We are perfect as we are with all the flaw, sins and good at this moment. The significant part is that the more we learn our self, the more we can let go and improve. People in your life are an instrument to achieve this. They are really. Each and every person in your life who have passed across or will come have a very unique purpose. They are an exact mirror of who you are whether you like it or not. They mirror our weakness, darkest secrets and parts. By what you are believing, thinking, feeling, you actually called and asked for them to be in your life so you can progress. Before finishing this article, I would like to share the meaning of this picture for me. I took this photo of London on a particular day and thought to share it with you to remind you that there are endless possibilities in life. Please believe that and accept abundance.


Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.
A Course in Miracles


Wishing for all of us:

May there be light and love for those who need it at their darkest moment.


Remember that:

The candle must be lit at first to produce light. One must burn first to shine the light.


And remember this:

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.


We are healed. Thank you 💜



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