Accepting Change

I know I am sorry because it has been a long while that I have not written anything at all and I am so sorry for letting you down. Let’s leave past behind and move on so thank you for spare some of your valuable time and reading this article because this article will help you and is helping you. I have been in a long changing phase. Anyway, let’s talk about things you would like to read and improve but before I do that I would like to thank my special friend Cami-yes girl you- because today you have reminded me that I need to get back, share, write and spread the light.

The topic is simple; Change! Why ?because we are all afraid of it and correspondingly afraid of the unknown… why? There are many answers to that neither right nor wrong, but the answer is unique to you. Yes, you! The answer to this questions is down to you 🙂 because what you going through is unique to you so does your lesson and what will you learn from it. So why resist something you have no idea and continuously letting evil thoughts going into your head… we resist every day when we go to bed; we lived another day and tomorrow is still coming, but many of us have different ideas about what tomorrow is holding for us. Well, let’s see that when tomorrow comes? Whether good or bad we do not know and whatever you think (have on your mind) will eventually become your reality so please remember that.

I know some of you might say well, but there are days; exam days, confrontation etc. well let me repeat again whether good or bad you have something to learn, accept and let go. This is why we are here walking on mother earth right?! We all have something to teach each other. Every day is a new day and every day we change. And there are times when we shift. Please let me introduce you Dr Wayne, and his free video on youtube called the shift if you didn’t watch it already please spare some of your valuable time when you can and watch it.

When we are shifting we letting go of old energies, people, places, work etc. This may seem contrary, but actually, there is no negativity its just you changing; in other words growing into something new, better version of you so please accept that and let go. These times can be hard, mostly feeling alone because no one else can walk that with you, but only you can walk through that trail or pathway or whichever you like to call it loved one. Please just remember its unique to you because you going through this with your own timing when its right for you. This can be very challenging. However, please remember that you are never alone despite the feeling! We are never alone there is an excellent love and the infinite source within. We are surrounded by love energy. Yes, love frequency that’s the language of the whole universe. Love. When you go through the shifting period, we must be more open to change and eventually love. Turn your attention within.

In these times what I would advise you to do is keep a diary, please. Why? Because you can speak to your self, turn within, and you can actually give life to those thoughts whether good or bad. You provide them with some space whether on a page, tablet or even drawing. Finally, they are out of your mind! On a sheet, draw or maybe some other sort of creativity as long as you put all thoughts the way you feel like to put away. I feel like writing just like what I am doing right. I give a chance to each and every thought to exist whether good or bad. We must do that otherwise they will get stuck in your mind and will bother you 🙂 please try, and I insist you do it for your own good and benefit.

Let me share you some methods when you write down your thoughts daily/instantly or keeping a diary, and one of them is to show gratitude to each positive thinking, please. For instance “Today I feel fortunate/was lucky. I am thankful for this, and I accept more luck, abundance and healing in my life, and I am thankful for this”. I hope this example has helped me to demonstrate the importance of gratitude. The more you be thankful for whatever you are grateful for will eventually multiply in your life according to your appropriate timing.

On the other hand, the other method is when you put down negativity whether happened or a thought in your mind(fears etc.), please close it with the intention of releasing and letting go back to its source and to the light. For instance, “I am scared that I will fail from my exam tomorrow and I am not that good anyway. I am thankful for being aware of this negative critics about me and the fear so I intend to let go of these back to its source and to light. Thank you.” Remember I mentioned we are scared in the times of change because we don’t know whats ahead of us… This will help you put your fears down and let them go. Let them go so you can sleep better. Let them go, so you have space for better. Let them go to show universe you have space for better in your mind and therefore in your life.

Every day we go through a change actually, but because it is repetitive, we don’t much pay attention and call this a circle of life. Lol. Wake-up lives the day and sleep. Well, you wake-up each day different from yesterday, very special to that day and unique to that specific day. There is no other day. Just that day; you wake-up and when you go through things you meant to go through the face, live, let go of that day, and after-all get into your own bed when it ends that’s it; you have changed a little bit; you have accomplished something. So please be thankful every moment and every breath you take. You may say but there is Tuesday in every single week, and there are 52 weeks in a year, so that’s 52 Tuesday. Yet, please remember loved one, each, and every one of them is unique just like you! There are days 🙂 and there are days we learn to let go and live. We are in a constant change so please accept that because the universe is working for the good sake of all us.

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?”

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”

“What hurts you, blesses you.”


All the three quotes above which I loved to share with you, could demonstrate what I intend to express for you in this article. We go through change phase, and we shift. We shift because we change every day one way or another way. Small or significant, we grow each day, and when we ready, we make the shift. A shift to something better 🙂 Thank you for spare your valued time to read this article and being part of this journey within, no matter where you are on mother earth. Please remember that we are not alone. You were never alone.There is no distance. If I did help you in any way with this article, I am more than happy because that is my intention. Let’s meet on the next journey, Farewell :).

(I do not hold any right to the pictures in this article and all rights  belong to their owners, and they are for demonstration purpose only)

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